Die Verwandlung
Metamorphosis -変身-

Video installation art
At BERLIN WEEKLY GALLERY Linienstr. 160, 1-115 Berlin
period : 12.Jan.2017 - 12.Feb.2017

English and German sentence is below.

展覧会のタイトルとなっている Die Verwandlung は日本語に訳すと変身という意味になります。

この展示を行ったBERLIN WEEKLY GALLERYは、多くのギャラリーが密集しているミッテ地区の一角にあり、観覧者は道に面した大きなガラス戸越しに外からギャラリーに展示された作品を鑑賞します。ギャラリー何の作品は月毎に入れ替わり、小部屋に展開される様々な作家のインスタレーションを観るというユニークなギャラリーです。

The title of the exhibition, Die Verwandlung, translates into English as metamorphosis.
Having endured the dreary winter in Berlin, with its numerous cloudy days and limited hours of sunshine, I found myself likening to the little spider in a corner of the basement, weakly awaiting spring. This piece pays homage to Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" and Motojiro Kajii's novel "Winter Flies."

BERLIN WEEKLY is a small gallery located in a corner of the Mitte area, which is densely populated with galleries. Visitors are not allowed to enter the gallery, but rather view the installations of various artists in small rooms that change monthly through a large glass door facing the street. In this exhibition, the works are projected using a projector, and for conceptual reasons, we have chosen to show them in winter, when there is less sunlight.
This is a piece for the Berlin gloomy winter, which came out of me through my experience of the Berlin gloomy winter.

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