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してみると四角な世界から常識と名のつく、一角を磨滅して、三角の内に住むのを芸術家と呼んでもよかろう。 夏目漱石「草枕」より

I suppose you could say that an artist is a person who lives in the triangle which remains after the angle which we may call common senses has been removed from this four-cornerd world. "THE THREE CORNERED WORLD" by Natume Soseki.

Art Works / Interior decoration, Craft works.
     空き家と雨と虫 ( Vacant house with rain and insects. )
     Installation art work.
     Residenced and exhibited in the Sikano Art Festival 02.
     05 - 08.Oct.2018.

     Nostalgia ( ノスタルジア )
     Collage works.
     Exhibited in the group exhibition “FERNE VERWANDTSCHAFTEN”
     02.Sep - 02.Nov.2018.

     苔の檻 ( Moosezwinger )
     Performance art by Setu (Akihiro Yamamoto and Takafumi Tsukamoto).
     At Bärenzwinger in Berlin Germany.
     28.Apr - 06.May.2018.

     目目連 ( Mokumokuren )
     Video installation art work.
     Residenced and exhibited in the Tanaka-tei in Sikano.
     25 - 30.Mar.2017.

     Die Verwandlung ( 変身 - Metamorphosis )
     Video installation art work.
     Exhibited at the BERLIN WEEKLY GALLERY.
     12.Jan - 12.Feb.2017.

     滞在制作作品 in ライプチヒ ( A Port Town )
     Installation art work.
     Residenced and exhibited at the Das Japanische Haus in Leipzig.
     09 - 15.Nov.2015.     
Interior work of Beauty Salon     
Mulackstraße Berlin Germany.     

     Amakusa-Honmachi kindergarden in Kumamoto Japan.

     個展@夢喰 ( Solo exhibition at Baku )
     Installation art work.
     Exhibited at the Gallery Bar Baku in Onomichi Hiroshima.
     26.May - 19.July.2014.

Interior work of Pizzeria.     
Onomichi-city Hiroshima Japan.     

     天井をご覧ください ( Look at a ceiling )
     Video installation work.
     Exhibited in the group exhibition “Kagenageru”
     04 - 06.Oct.2013.

     廃墟崩し ( Break Ruins )
     Document art.
     Onomichi-city Hiroshima.
     04 - 16.Aug.2012.

     白昼夢 ( Daydream )
     Installation art work.
     Exhibited at Onomichi-city Hiroshima Japan.
     01 - 08.July.2012.

陶房 コネル ( conel )     
Interior work of ceramic art workshop.     
Onomichi-city Hiroshima Japan.     

     mori - 鳥がいない ( The forest - Without a bird )
     Installation art work.
     Exhibited at Komyoji-kaikan in Onomichi-city, Hiroshima Japan.
     26.Jan - 06.Feb.2012.

アトリエ三角堂 ( Atelier Sankakudo )     
Interior renovation work of my studio.     
10-26 Nishi-Tsuchido-town Onomichi-city Hiroshima Japan.     
Feb.2010 - Mar.2016     

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In Japan, I have been using old Japanese wooden houses to make installation art works, by creating interesting and unusual spaces.
Creating extraordinary spaces, bringing to people’s attention overlooked aspects within ordinary things, presenting new ways of perceiving things in order to have people see reality before their eyes, I think that by expanding the worlds of people who feel trapped, it creates an opportunity for them to discover new pleasures.

A sickly body, few friends, a remote upbringing and a strict father. My boyhood had few freedoms.
When I was little and sick, finding a modest beauty in everyday scenes, and drawing on this to imagine extraordinary things was an important emotional support for me.
I have been taking photographs of such everyday beauty since I was a junior high school student.
And then I also began improving spaces for fun and now I am doing art installations. I recognize my installation work has the effect to offer emotional support for not only myself but also other tired people too. And it has become my delight and motivation to continue making art.


山本 晶大 - Akihiro Yamamoto


2008 - 2009 TOSA美術アカデミー
2009 - 2013 尾道市立大学美術学科(卒業)
2013 - 2015 広島県 尾道市を中心に活動
2015 - 2018 ドイツ ベルリンを中心に活動
2018 - 2019 岡山県を中心に活動中

04.02.1988, Born in Kochi Japan.
2008 - 2009 Learned basis of Art at TOSA Art Academy.
2009 - 2013 Complete the Art course of Onomichicity University.
2013 - 2015 Residence in Onomichi-city Hiroshima, Japan.
2015 - 2018 Residence in Berlin, Germany.
2018 - 2019 Residence in Okayama, Japan.

Solo exhibition
2012 The forest - without a bird: Komyoji-Kaikan Gallery, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2012 Daydream: Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2013 Maze: Idobata studio, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2014 Solo exhibition @ Gallery bar Baku: Gallery bar Baku, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2015 A port town: Das Japanische Haus, Leipzig Deutschland.
2017 Die Verwandlung: BERLIN-WEEKLY GALLERY, Berlin Deutschland.

Group exhibition
2011 A carrier pigeon: Jodoji-temple, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2013 Kage-nageru: Geusthouse Anago-no-nedoko, Onomichi Hiroshima Japan.
2017 Mokumokuren: Shikano-town Tottori-prf in Japan.    
2017 Shikano Geijutusai 01: Shikano-town Tottori-prf in Japan.
2018 Art performance Koke no Ori: Bärenzwinger Berlin in Germany.    
2018 Ferne Verwandtschaften: Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin in Germany.    
2018 Shikano Geijutusai 02: Shikano-town Tottori-prf in Japan.
2015 Make a small house!: Amakusa nursery, Amakusa Kumamoto Japan.
2015 Abbauen und Abwanderungswerkstatt: Das Japanische Haus, Leipzig Deutschland.

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